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The ÄKKI SÄKKI – 2.0 is suitable for your beloved Rangefinder or SLR camera.

Handmade in Berlin with high-quality fabrics, excellent manufacturing quality and for fair wages.

ÄKKI SÄKKI is Finnish and means “quick bag”.
It was designed to have your camera ready as quickly as possible so you don’t miss the moment you want to capture. The bag can be pulled from the camera in one simple movement.
Check the video: here.

The bag is attached to the strap of your camera with the loop or the snap hook.
The flap of the bag should rest against your body, so it is worn backwards. To remove the bag, pull down on the logo.

It is very lightweight, has a micro fleece lining and is easy to stow in your trouser pocket.
Three-layered micro fleece, highly water-repellent.
Small extra inner pocket with zipper (for spare battery, memory card, 35mm film, adapter or similar).

M – (20 cm width x 16 cm height)
Suitable for Leica Q, Fuji x100, Leica M series or comparable rangefinder cameras with 35mm or 50mm lenses. Also suitable for normal or smaller SLR like Olympus OM series or Nikon FE/Fm series with pancake or small 50mm lenses.

(The camera is for illustrative purposes only, not included in the delivery)


ÄKKI SÄKKI is Finnish and means “quick bag”.
If you use the ÄKKI SÄKKI, you can leave your camera packed until the decisive moment. Nevertheless, you are ready in seconds to react to any spontaneous moment and take a photo, whether you are walking the dog in the woods, strolling through a flea market or meeting friends in the park. The ÄKKI SÄKKI can be removed from the camera in no time at all and put back on again quickly and easily. You can even use it as a protective underlay when taking it off for a short time.
In addition, the ÄKKI SÄKKI is very inconspicuous; hardly anyone would suspect a camera inside.

The ÄKKI SÄKKI is handmade locally in Berlin in a small company for a fair wage.

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