KMZ Zorki 4K w/Jupiter 12 – 35mm f2.8 M39

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Cleaned Rangefinder Camera in [Excellent+], tested and fully working condition.

Comes with:
– Jupiter 12 35mm f2.8 M39 (both caps, case)
– Original Leather Pouch
– KMZ Revolver Turret Viewfinder (28mm,35mm,50mm,85mm,135mm)
The hot shoe mount of the revolver viewfinder has been modified and looks a bit strange. But it works as it should.
– Soft Release Button (Red)

The camera is film tested.
Scroll through the images for some impressions.
shot by explosionoftime.

Condition Body:
The camera has just a few signs of use.
Just a few small scratches and marks. Small dent on the top plate.
Looks pretty clean for its age.
Cleaned and clear viewfinder with aligned rangefinder.
Pretty clean inside with good light seals.

Condition Lens:
The Jupiter 12 35mm f2.8 is in pretty good condition.
A very few scratches and marks on the body.
The focus and aperture is perfectly smooth as it should be.
The glass is very clear.
There is a slight separation at the edges of the back elment, but this has no effect on the image quality, as you can see.
No fungus, no fog, no scratches and normal dust inclusions in the lens.
There is a small amount of oil on the aperture blades.

Please take a close look at the pictures.


The Zorki 4 was possibly the most popular of all Zorki cameras, with 1,715,677 cameras made by the KMZ factory in Krasnogorsk, Russia. The Zorki 4 was also the first of the Zorki cameras to be exported in large numbers to the west.
The Zorki 4 is essentially a Zorki 3S with a self timer. It retained all of the features and strong points of the 3S. The early bodies have a vulcanite body covering, engraved shutter speeds, and strap lugs. Later bodies have fabric covering and the shutter speeds (1/60 and 1/30 instead of 1/50 and 1/25) are silk-screened. By the mid-1960s, the strap lugs had disappeared.

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