Product Info

FotoStrobo is your local film camera webshop based in Bern, Switzerland.

FotoStrobo buys and sells film cameras and lenses.
We also offer small services for your camera, like replacing light seals and mirror dampers, cleaning and checking.

A lot of work goes into many of the offered cameras to bring them up to scratch again.
Please read the description first and take a close look at the pictures of the product that your interested in before you buy it.
If you’re insecure, or have any concerns, you should ask first. I’ll be glad to help you.
You can contact me using the contact form. Write in German or English.

If you live nearby, don’t worry about the shipping costs. You can pick up the camera at the pickup box. (how to pickup)

!Kein Physisches Ladenlokal! – !No physical store!


Almost all of the cameras that are sold on this website are vintage film cameras.
Many of these cameras are fully electronic and second hand.
Please be aware, that some of these point and shoot cameras were produced over 40 years ago and have been in use or lying around for a long time. Electronic defects can also occur with well stored and unused cameras.
The cameras you see in the product pages are what you will receive and will include what is written in the product description unless stated otherwise.
All images are taken from the actual camera you might consider buying.
So each so-to-call product is a unique product unless stated otherwise.

The best possible description is provided but there can always be something that is not foreseen.
Therefore, you can always get in touch when there is an issue.
I do my best testing and cleaning the camera before putting it up for sale, but sometimes something can slip through.
Should there be a problem which I did not notice, please contact me within 14 days.
Even if the camera has been tested by me, I recommend to only expose one roll and develop this one roll first.
I only can guarantee that the cameras (if noted in the description) have been tested with film and are therefore fully functional at the time of shipment.
It is therefore not possible for me to give a warranty on these cameras.
But there are also cameras in the shop which have a 3 month warranty.

Unfortunately it is a part of the film camera passion that some of the cameras die and are not repairable or the repair is not economically reasonable.
Sometimes these cameras just have a mind on their own and we as a film camera community have to deal with it somehow.

Thanks for all your support!