Sell Your Camera Equipment!

Hi There

Do you want to sell your old cameras or have you inherited a collection of photo gear?

FotoStrobo may be interested in buying it from you.
I will be happy to make you an offer for your equipment.

Below you will find the instructions on how to do it. please read them carefully. :)

How I work:

Usually I try to pay around 50% of the current market value for items that are interesting for FotoStrobo, if the cameras are in good and fully functional condition.
For cameras that are in original packaging and/or in very good condition, more can be paid.
For less popular things it is sometimes just 30% or even less for uninteresting or defective material. Sometimes I cannot pay anything at all.

Most people assume that their cameras or inherited pieces are in full working order, but unfortunately the reality is often different.

Winding up the camera once and releasing it is not an inspection.
Good external appearance often says little about the internal condition of the camera. Many defects or damages are in the details and need experience and knowledge to discover them.
Long and improper storage almost always results in damage.

Time and effort:
Many hours of work are put into all cameras, and I need to earn enough in the end to run the business and make a living from it. :)

That sounds a bit harsh, but it’s not meant like that. I just want to be honest. :)

  • How to sell:
  1. Fill out the form:
    Fill out the form to the best of your knowledge.
    I will sift through your information as soon as possible.
  2. Ship:
    I will contact you with a preliminary offer for your equipment. If you agree with the offer, send your items to FotoStrobo where I will review them. Make sure you pack the items properly and safely. (Please read our shipping tips)
    You can also drop the items at FotoStrobo in Bern. (More info about this in the direct contact)
    Please enclose a note to the package on which you write down your data:
    Name, address, e-mail address and IBAN.
    If you wish to donate the equipment, the inspection is not necessary. If you donate, I will pay for the shipping. Please include a note mentioning that it is a donation and note your name, IBAN and shipping costs.
  3. Inspection/Payment:
    The offer will be adjusted, confirmed, or withdrawn depending on the condition of the cameras and if any defects are discovered. You can accept the offer or, if you wish, request for the items to be sent back to you. If you accept the offer, the amount will be transferred to you by bank transfer within 5-7 days.


    – If you have problems filling out the form or if it is not possible to send it, then just send me the requested information via email.
    You can find the email address here.